Wednesday, December 29, 2010

TASER C2, Shocking Tunes Package is now offering while supplies last, a FREE MP3 Player Holster, when you purchase a Taser C2 "Shocking Tunes" package! Not only will you be safe, but you also will have the convenience of having your favorite music with you. The MP3 Player Holster does not look intimidating like other gun holsters. It rather looks like a pouch, wallet or MP3 player case. Keep yourself as well as your family secure from threats, as far as 15 feet away! And remember that if need be, you can leave the Taser on the ground and it will continue to shock an assailant for 30 seconds more, while you make your escape! Also, if it gets stolen from you and you file a police report, Taser International will replace the C2 Taser unit for FREE!

TASER C2 Shocking Tunes Package Includes:
- (1) TASER C2 aiming laser and LED light 
  Seven color choices
- (1) Lithium Power Magazine
- (1) 15' Air Cartridge
- Training DVD & User's Manual
- FREE MP3 Player Holster ($79.99 value)
- FREE Shipping
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