Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Party Safety Tips

We all love to party during the Holidays and New Years! You can enjoy your parties even more if you take some precautions. Unfortunately where there are parties, there is alcohol. Where there is alcohol, there is sometimes violence. Violence  during the Holidays is common and prevention is key, in order to enjoy the season. Unfortunately, women more than men, are victims of rape or sexual assault crimes during the Holidays, at New Years Eve parties or in nightclubs for that matter. Please remember the following safety tips that may prevent sexual assaults or other crimes:

Party or Nightclub Safety Tips
  • Never share drinks.
  • Only accept drinks from closed containers.
  • Never pour a drink from a punch bowl or pitcher.
  • Get your own drink and watch the bartender pour it.
  • Always introduce a stranger you just met, to your friends at a party or nightclub.
  • Never accept to leave with a stranger or a person you just met.
  • If there is not a designated driver, call a taxi or stay at a nearby hotel.
Before you go to a party or any other event, always carry a self defense weapon, besides remembering the safety tips. This should not just apply to Holiday parties but to year-round errands, work, school, nightclubs, concerts, etc. Just like you wear a seat belt while driving, you need to carry a pepper spray, stun gun, taser, rape whistle or personal alarm, while you are out and about. ALWAYS be prepared to defend yourself. DON'T be a victim of sexual assault or any other crime.
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