Monday, April 11, 2011

Cancer Producing Personal Products for Women

Do you wear makeup, shampoo your hair, put lotion on your body? Do you know if the products you are using on your body are toxic or can cause cancer?

Well you need to check out a very useful website. I found it because I was concerned about the makeup I used on my face, after being diagnosed with basal-cell carcinoma on my nose. Although it wasn't the deadly melanoma skin cancer, it wouldn't heal and could have spread even into my bones!

We know that there are many products in our households that can be detrimental, toxic or can cause cancer but when it comes to personal products that you use EVERY DAY, such as makeup, soap, skin lotions... that is a different story and should not be overlooked. Women in particular, use more personal products then men do. Let's face it, us women are the ones that usually clean the house and want to look pretty. Women are the ones that like to dye their hair, make their skin softer, use lipstick, nail polish, etc. A few years back we heard about how products that contained any type of PARABEN, was bad for us. It came in many different forms; propylparaben, methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben... anything that ended in paraben was a no, no. Well, unfortunately many products still contain paraben and many other toxic chemicals that some countries like Canada have outlawed. Why these chemicals are still allowed to be used in the USA, is beyond me!

Take matters into your own hands and stop using products that can hurt you and your family. Just insert the name of the product you wish to know more about and the EWG website will let you know if it is hazardous to your health. Check out the websites below!

Go here for more information on general products you use:
Go here for the personal products section:
Go here for information from Wilkipedia about Paraben:
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