Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mace Pepper Foam Blindfolds Attackers!

There are many types of pepper spray out in the market today but very few do what this spray does. Mace Pepper Foam is exactly what it's called. It is pepper and foam combined into one. 

When you spray this toward an attacker, it's like "pie in the face", because it expands once it hits the person. The expanded foam covers the attacker's face, plus it burns like hell! Their eyes will slam shut from the burning feeling of hot pepper, which makes it impossible for them to see you!

Mace Pepper Foam is also heavier than regular pepper spray. This makes it better because you are less likely to get spray back if it is a little windy out! Unlike regular sprays that sometimes are taken by the wind and make it harder for you to aim at an attacker's face, this foam makes an attacker, an easy target! Even if you don't aim it perfectly, some of it is bound to land and expand! Plus, one more thing... Pepper Foam also contains an invisible UV dye, which marks the attacker and may aid police in identification.

Mace Pepper Foam comes in Large size, 2.36 oz., great for putting in your purse! It also comes in Magnum size, 4.1 oz. which is perfect for your home.
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