Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Solar Powered or Hand Cranked Generator Radio, A Must for Emergencies!

With so many natural disasters that have occurred, staying informed is crucial for many people to be safe.

Typically whenever there is some sort of storm, fire, flooding or any kind of disaster emergency, the first thing that goes out is the electricity. Many people, if they have time, buy food, water, and some sort of protection for their shelter or home. But many people forget about the importance of staying in touch with newsworthy information. This is where the Dynamo Or Solar Radio comes in handy.

The radio comes with rechargeable batteries that can be charged by solar power or by turning a hand crank. This is because it has solar cells and a hand crank generator! There is no need for it to be plugged into an electric outlet, in order for it to function. The generator or the sun, powers this baby! Not only does it have the advantage of informing you of important news when there is no electricity, but it also has a flashlight. This solar powered or hand cranked radio is also equipped with lantern flashing colors and a siren alert, to let others know that you are in an emergency situation! The Dynamo or Solar rechargeable radio can tune into AM or FM stations with it's telescopic antenna. Lastly, it can also be used in winter storms or in any other circumstances!

Add this wonderful radio, to your list of emergency supplies!
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