Monday, July 25, 2011

Students Scared Around College Campus

Photo by infomatique

Have you ever noticed that when female students start college, after their summer break, many are terrified of walking alone on campus? If you haven't, you can see for yourself by just checking out tweets on Twitter, made by college girls, right when classes start. Maybe one quarter of the tweets, mention how scary it is to walk alone around campus. This is especially the case with freshmen students that walk around campus for the first time at night or perhaps jog early in the morning.

Students, females or males, have good reason to be scared. Studies have shown that college women are 4 times more likely to get raped than other women in society. Men also can get bullied or attacked and robbed in college. These threats may come from other classmates or from a dangerous outsider. It can be threatening on campus grounds and surrounding areas as well.

If you have a child attending college this coming fall, make sure that you include some Mace, pepper spray or other self defense product, along with the other materials they take to college. Pepper spray as well as Mace, nowadays come disguised, so others won't notice that your child is carrying some protection. Mace pens are a good example. These pens are not only a weapon, but they also write too! Mace even has some walking weights, for the more athletic students. They can jog or walk with them and feel confident that they have a self defense product to protect them! Pepper spray can also look like a lipstick, perfume or pager... These self defense products are easily carried around and are a must for all students.

May your child's grades exceed your expectations and may they stay safe too! 
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