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Survivors of Domestic Violence, Rape or Similar Abuse

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October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month and when we read of these horrific domestic violence or abuse cases in the news, we normally think it can't happen to me or any of my close friends. What we don't realize is that there is so much stigma related to this topic that it usually is not mentioned in our social circles and therefore we rarely find out of someone we know that is or was sexually assaulted or abused in the past. This is why we posted the names below. Even though the list is probably not someone you know personally, we feel the women included here, might be someone you can relate to...

Survivors of Domestic Violence or Sexual Abuse

Alice Walker (author/activist) abuse
Angie Dickenson (actress) emotional abuse
Anne Heche (actress) incest
Billie Holliday (singer) childhood rape
Christina Aguilera (singer) unspecified child abuse/secondary domestic violence
Connie Francis (singer) rape
Eleanor Roosevelt (former First Lady) unspecified child abuse
Ella Fitzgerald (singer) abuse
Farrah Faucett (actress) domestic violence
Halle Berry (actress, model) domestic violence
Marilyn Monroe (actress) child physical & sexual abuse/childhood attempted rape (according to violence
Maya Angelou (author, poet) childhood rape
Nicole Brown Simpson - domestic violence (very likely murdered by OJ)
Oprah Winfrey (talk show host) child sexual abuse
Pamela Anderson (actress) rape/domestic violence
Queen Latifah (rapper/actress/model) child sexual abuse
Rita Hayworth (actress) incest
Rosanne Arnold (actress) child sexual abuse
Rosie Perez (actress) child sexual abuse
Sandra Dee (actress) incest
Tina Turner (singer) domestic violence
Tori Amos (musician) rape
Virginia Woolf (author) incest

Try to volunteer or donate to a women's crisis center near you and spread the word about this violence that can only be resolved if we take action.

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