Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Unfriendly Dogs While You Try to Workout!

One of the most annoying or even scary situations when you are trying to run, jog or walk, are stray dogs. Needless to say, these canines, if not friendly can physically hurt or even kill you. If you come across this situation more frequently than not, it might be a good idea to carry some dog repellent spray or ultrasonic dog repeller.

If you plan to carry a dog spray repellent such as MUZZLE, get familiar with the shape of the container and carry it in your hand to be prepared if a dog starts running towards you. When using a spray repellent, you should aim toward the aggressive dog's nose, mouth and eyes and quickly get away from him. These pepper based sprays reach a distance of approximately 10-12 feet. Remember always to use the spray in the upright position or it might not work!
When dogs are sprayed, usually they run away or rub their face on the ground to try to take the painful irritant off. The effects usually wear out within a few minutes and it is harmless to dogs.
If you plan to carry an ultrasonic dog repeller, keep it handy for quick use. These devices are the most humane way to keep unfriendly dogs away. They emit a sound that humans usually can't hear but dogs definitely can! The ultrasonic waves will cause dogs discomfort and make them go away. You simply have to just point the unit toward the dog and push the power button. You can keep the button depressed until the dog leaves. The ultrasonic dog repeller mentioned above has a LED light to let you know it is emitting the sound. The light dims or turns off when it's time to replace the battery.
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