Friday, April 18, 2008

15% OFF All Mace Products Special!

For a limited time only is offering 15% OFF all Mace products. Mace brand pepper sprays are the top selling pepper sprays today. Mace brands come in stream, foam, gel and spray. There is even a Mace Pepper Gun that shoots a powerful 90 mph aerosol spray! All of the Mace pepper products contain a UV dye. This UV dye stains the attacker's face and can help police identify the assailant. Other Mace products worth mentioning are items such as Mace Hot Walkers. These are weights that contain pepper in them and can be carried by walkers or joggers for self defense. As mentioned previously, the Pepper Gun is very powerful and shoots up to 25 feet away and contains 7 blasts! For those of you who confront stray dogs on a regular basis, Mace has a humane pepper spray called Muzzle, made specifically for dogs.

Included in this 15% OFF Special are items that don't contain pepper. Perhaps you were not aware that Mace also makes personal alarms and home protection devices. You get 15% off on those products as well. These products are included in the "Home Protection" and "Personal Alarms" category. There is the Auto Dialer with Security Alarm. When this product detects movement, a 105db security alarm will sound and the Auto Dialer will call up to 5 preset telephone numbers that you have selected. Another home security product worth mentioning is the Wireless Home Security System. Why spend hundreds of dollars on a security system and pay monitoring fees when you can get this Mace product for a fraction of the cost!

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