Friday, April 25, 2008

What's the most important thing in your purse?

Need you ask? No, it isn't your makeup or your hair brush... It should be your self defense product!
Purses are handy and have been around for ages. If women ever have the advantage over men, it is the fact that they can fashionably carry a purse and not look like they are hiding something. You can hide things in purses that you could never get away with hiding in pants pockets, shorts or shirts... Put your purse to good use and hide your pepper spray, stun gun, personal alarm or even your Taser in it. One good thing about us gals is that criminals think we only carry makeup and keys in our purses. Well, let's prove them wrong and have them regret believing we are so vulnerable! Although many personal defense products are very small these days and would fit in a pocket, the purse is an accessory most of us carry any way, so why not conceal a product that may very well save our lives.
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