Monday, February 15, 2010

Alabama University, Professor Amy Bishop, Has Priors

Universities are not only having shootings now from students, but also from professors too! It seems like professors as well as students will have to go through metal detectors now. What a shame...

By looking at Amy Bishop's photo, you would think she was a humble quiet woman and not the violent criminal that is being exposed. Initially news reports surfaced prior information about her killing her brother. That 1986 crime was declared by authorities as an accidental death. Now it has been discovered that she also was a suspect in a mail bombing threat against a Harvard Medical School professor in 1993. Looks can definitely be deceiving!

How could a person with 2 previous criminal suspicions become a professor at a university? A person that definitely should be a role model for our children, should have had a background check done before getting hired. Do universities give background checks to potential professors? Why was there not a red flag raised when her background was checked? Assuming it was checked, did they just ignore the results? I'm sure authorities will discover more clues in her past that lead her to commit this most recent horrible crime.

For more details read here.
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