Thursday, April 30, 2009

California woman claims her father was the Zodiac Killer

Her name is Deborah Perez and she said: My father was the Zodiac Killer. Her father was Guy Ward Hendrickson who died in 1983 of cancer. He was a carpenter and father of 6 children.

California police have never been able to capture the Zodiac Killer and believed that a child molester that died in 1992 by the name of Arthur Leigh Allen, was the killer. A case dating back to 1969 of a San Francisco, California, taxi driver that was killed by the Zodiac Killer is still an open police investigation. Perez has provided police with a pair of glasses that she claims belonged to that taxi driver and letters she wrote to the newspaper on her father's behalf about the crimes.

Deborah Perez mentioned that when she was a child, her father would tell her that he was very sick and that he had killed many, many people. She remembers that all she wanted to do was help her father.
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