Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Craigslist murder suspect Philip Markoff

Philip Markoff, 22, is being held without bail on charges of armed robbery, kidnapping and murder. He is a 2nd year medical student at Boston University.

The murdered victim was Julissa Brisman who had placed an ad on Craigslist for massage services. Brisman and Markoff had exchanged emails and cell phone calls to set up an appointment to meet at a hotel. Brisman, the victim, was bashed in the head and shot with a bullet through her heart. The email exchange is what fortunately helped police officials track him down. Markoff is also charged with tying up and robbing another female victim on April 10th, who had placed an ad in Craigslist for massage services. Police found duct tape, restraints and a semiautomatic weapon in Markoff's home. They commented on the fact that this evidence was "critical and powerful". They also mentioned that there might be other victims.

Many of Markoff's friends and family members commented on the fact that he was very friendly, and smart. The media interviewed people who described Markoff as carrying himself well, he was clean cut and good looking.

Ted Bundy was good looking and smart as well... We all know that appearances can be deceiving and this is yet another case in which it holds true. Philip Markoff has not been declared guilty yet of murder, but if he is guilty or not, people should never make an assumption of a person's intentions solely on their appearance or intelligence. This should be an eye opener for everyone, especially for women, who become victims of violent crime in epidemic proportions.
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