Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Must Have for College Women!

It's a known fact that college women are 4 times more likely to be sexually assaulted than other women. With this in mind, college students and particularly female college students, need some sort of self defense product. Let's face it, most women do not have a black belt in karate and we are, physically speaking, the weakest sex.

Parents should be aware of the dangers presented to their daughters when they live in a college dorm or live near a college campus. The news is full of sexual assaults of college women and to a lesser degree, even male students. Just this past month prior to spring break, the college women attending Kansas State University and the University of Kansas, were warned by Kansas police of a serial rapist. They were informed of a rapist that is still on the loose near the universities, that has sexually assaulted 13 women in the past 8 years. The police informed university students before spring break because apparently this rapist attacks during college breaks. This is not to say that rapes or sexual assaults only occur during breaks though!

Arming college women or students in general with self defense products is a simple solution to a potentially lethal situation. Non lethal, self defense products are inexpensive and are made to conveniently be carried by a person. They are light, some have belt clips or key chains for fast retrieval and proven effective in deterring attackers or impairing them. It's a good idea to ask the student what type of self defense product they would like to carry, since every student has their particular needs and tastes as far as what they might feel comfortable carrying around campus.

There are a variety of self defense products on the market today. Among them are pepper spray, personal alarms, stun guns and yes even a citizen taser, such as the TASER C2! Many self defense products come disguised as other things. For example there is a pepper spray that looks like a pen and one that is disguised as a pager. There are stun guns that look like cell phones and some that are as small as a cigarette box. Some self defense products have extra features added to them. An example of this are stun guns that also have flashlights and built-in alarms! There is even a great product for protection in college dorms, a door stop product which has a built-in alarm, to let a student know that someone is trying to walk into their room. As you can see, there are many options available for each particular student. A student that carries a back pack, might want to carry a taser in it where as another student might feel more comfortable carrying pepper spray or a personal alarm.

Whether you have a daughter or a son in college or know someone that does, keep in mind that they not only need to study but they also need to stay safe.
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