Friday, June 19, 2009

Detroit Man Kills People for Money

Vincent Smothers, 28, will be going to trial soon for being a hit man in Detroit. He confessed to police: "I don't have a profession", "I kill people for money." Detroit Police caught him in a suburban alley and heard his confession of several killings in Detroit. According to the authorities, it is very rare for someone to be charged with so many death crimes.

Smothers, the killer, informed police that the killings for him were easy and that he would shoot people while talking on his cell phone. He claimed that all but one of his victims were drug dealers. He provided police with very detailed accounts on the various shootings. The one crime victim he actually felt remorse about was Rose Cobb, a police officer's wife, who he felt was innocent. According to Smothers, her husband, David Cobb, who was having an affair at the time, hired him in December 2007 to murder his wife. That Detroit officer hung himself the following September. Smothers claimed he stopped his killings after that. He mentioned: "My stomach was in knots..." and that he couldn't kill people anymore after that.

"I knew at the time these crimes were committed they were wrong and that there would be a price to pay," he wrote. "After Cobb's wife, I could no longer have anything to do with murdering people."

"I can't bring them back," Smothers wrote, "but I hope this allows their families to know that someone is going to pay who was behind what happened to their loved ones."

His very lengthy confessions gave judges probable cause to put Vincent Smothers on trial. Trial date has not yet been announced.
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