Sunday, April 25, 2010

Insurance Companies Deny Coverage for Previous Rape Victims

We recently found out about yet another health insurance tactic to not cover certain people, mostly women. To be specific not covering women that have been previously raped. It turns out that if women that have been raped, go to a doctor or hospital, these providers more often than not, prescribe for them a month's supply of anti-AIDS medicine. This of course goes on their record. Even though most of these women never get AIDS, insurance companies will deny them health coverage in the future, due to their supposedly pre-existing condition...

This is discrimination against women who had no control over their predicament. We are talking about thousands of women who get raped or sexually assaulted each year in this country! This could be your sister, wife, mother or daughter. Not only does this mean that these women will live with the horrible memory of their rape, but they will also have to face living without health insurance coverage for the rest of their lives! As stated previously, most of them never get the so called pre-existing condition, which in this case is AIDS!

To read more about this rape pre-existing injustice click here.
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