Tuesday, February 24, 2015

At WomenOnGuard.com We Sell The Taser C2, M26c, X26, X2 Defender And Also Their Accessories

These Taser models were made for citizens. They provide self defense that reaches 15 feet and will temporarily incapacitate a criminal, while you escape!
At WomenOnGuard.com we have Citizen Tasers that are non lethal weapons, yet powerful enough to take a person down, without using lethal means. Women, especially, benefit from using these units because they don't have a kick back when deploying them. We have all 4 non lethal models to choose from, including accessories and some models have a choice of colors, as well.

These units have incredible features besides being non lethal weapons and reaching 15 feet... One of the things you can do when deploying the unit is to place it down on the ground and leave the scene! You see, it actually will continue to tase a criminal for 30 seconds, on it's own, while you escape! Another plus for owning a Taser is that if the unit get's stolen, Taser International will replace it for FREE, if you file a police report of the incident!

Other features include: easy laser aiming, LED flashlight, stun gun backup, no kickback, no permit required in most States, no gun powder cleaning and much more! For more weapon details, you can go to TASER Info on our website!

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