Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Disguised Red Lipstick Stun Gun, Makes A Great Gift For Valentine's Day!

It's beautiful, makes a wonderful gift and only measures 5 inches tall. But it packs 3 Million Volts of self defense power and is available in red, black, pink and purple. Manufactured exclusively for women.
A lipstick disguised self defense unit, gives you the upper hand, because an attacker won't expect it to be a weapon! It's called the Lipstick Stun Gun Red 3 Million Volts. It's perfect for women's self defense and Valentine's Day… All a woman has to do is simply touch the individual with it for 3 to 5 seconds, or until they drop to the ground and become mentally dazed! Then, just simply escape to a safe place. They can also call the police and inform them of the incident and what the attacker looked like. This might prevent other women from being attacked by the same individual!

A beautiful disguised stun gun that also has a built in bright LED light and a charger cord. No need to purchase batteries! It also has a Lifetime Warranty from manufacturer defects.

The perfect Valentine's Day gift for all your female friends and family!

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