Friday, February 13, 2015

Mace Triple Action Defense Spray Personal Model, Includes TEAR GAS!

Do you take public transportation, exercise outdoors or simply are constantly on the go? You should consider a self defense unit!

There is no excuse for women to not take a self defense pepper spray item with them, especially with all the crime in our society. Why not consider carrying a small product with you wherever you go, for peace of mind?

This Mace Triple Action Defense Spray Personal Model is powerful. The unit includes burning pepper spray, plus TEAR GAS! It can reach 8-12 feet away, has a safety cap, keychain and a clip for attaching it to your cloths. This unit includes an Invisible UV Dye, which marks an attacker and is helpful for police to identify the criminal if captured and placed under a UV Lamp!

This Mace unit with TEAR GAS is also available in Pocket and Police Models for women or men.

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