Monday, February 23, 2015

Streetwise 18% Pepper Spray Soft Cases

Most pepper spray for women have only 10%, but these units have 18% of the hot substance, making an attacker cry for mercy!

These Streetwise self defense units are in soft case pouches and are available in many colors. They're easy to use, simply aim the unit toward their eyes and shoot! As most self defense spray, they shoot a stream. This prevents blow back, if there are windy conditions. When you use it against an attacker, they will have to close their eyes from all the pain, have a coughing attack and burning sensation throughout their face and esophagus. It should always be aimed toward an attacker's eyes and face.

You need more details about these pepper spray? Well, these 18% Streetwise units in pouches for women or men, can reach 5 to 7 feet, shoot 6 shots, includes keyring, available in 6 colors and contain an Invisible UV Dye to help in identification when apprehended by law enforcement. Perfect for self defense... Streetwise units have been around for over 40 years!

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