Thursday, November 5, 2015

Pepper Spray With Quick Key Release, Protection You Can Count On

Whether you are walking, siting in your car or trying to use your keys to open your home's door, this unit has got you covered!

Pepper spray self defense units are very popular devices now a days. Especially with women who are out and about! At, we have units that are perfect for any situation. The Pepper Spray w/ Quick Key Release is one of the most popular units we have.

These non lethal affordable units have a Quick Release Keychain, that most other pepper spray don't have. They are convenient because you can actually spray an attacker, even if you have keys attached to a door or if inserted in a car ignition's switch! But that's not all these self defense units have... They also include an invisible UV marking dye that police can detect, if the criminal is captured. These incredible units contain 10% of the hot substance, can reach 8 feet away and have approximately 5 bursts. They are available in 4 colors: blue, pink, red and black.

It's intriguing how a little non lethal unit like this, can actually save a women's life... Get your's today!

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