Monday, November 16, 2015

Taser International Revolutionized How Citizens Can Defend Themselves Non Lethally

Taser law enforcement non lethal weapons have been around since 1993, and the latest citizen units offer incredible self defense features! has all eleven models of civilian, self defense Tasers. They are available in different models and all can reach an attacker that is 15 feet away! These non lethal units are simple to use, have incredible features and even include a red laser beam that lets you know exactly where you are aiming. The unit can also be placed on the floor and still keep tasing an individual for 30 seconds, while you escape. Other unit features include: stun gun backup, LED flashlight, no kickback, no gun powder cleaning, no permit required in most States and more!

PLUS, if your self defense non lethal unit is stolen from you, Taser International will replace it for FREE, if you file a police report!

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