Wednesday, November 25, 2015

STRONGEST Stun Gun; The Zombie With 35 Million Volts!

If you are looking for the strongest self defense stun gun, you found it... Our newest addition to our website, packs 35 Million Volts of devastation.
No doubt that this life saving unit will be very popular, especially during the Holidays. Meet the Zombie Mini Stun Gun 35 Million Volts, the strongest on the market! Features you might ask? Well, it has plenty, but there is one that can't be changed... the green slime color feature!

When using the Zombie self defense unit, simply touch a person with it, no need to use extra force. Keep touching them until they fall to the ground and become incoherent. Then, leave immediately!

Zombie Mini Stun Gun Features
- Strongest, 35 Million volts of self defense
- Triple technology, has 3 electrical intimidating sparks for takedown
- Built in charger, simply plugs to a wall socket
- Disable pin, prevents an attacker from using the unit against you
- LED flashlight to shine into attacker's eyes and disorient him or her
- Safety switch included to prevent accidental discharge
- Rubberized exterior prevents the unit from slipping from your hand
- Includes a free holster, in case you want to wear it on a belt
- Includes a 5 year warranty

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