Friday, November 20, 2015

Personal Alarms To Fit Your Needs And They Make Great Holiday Gifts!

Personal alarms are very affordable and they are used to alert others when you are in a dangerous situation or need help. Great for a Holiday Gift!
At we have many different models to choose from. Personal alarms are  great for people that live in large cities that don't allow stun guns. They work by sounding a high pitched sound, notifying other people around you that you need assistance.

Our store has 14 Personal Alarms, each has it's unique purpose. The units at our store have between 116dB to the highest allowed for civilians, 130dB! Most of the units have LED lights and are very easy to use. We even have one for mothers with toddlers that notifies women if their child has wandered out too far! We also have a unit that has a 'Motion Detector', letting you know if something is being stolen from you... like for example, a laptop! And even one that notifies you if you are falling asleep at the wheel during a long trip or if you are tired. Most of the units we have work with a high pitch electric sound. One is an aerosol unit that uses air pressure to alert others.

Check out our personal alarms. They make a great Holiday Gift!

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