Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Do You Have a College Student? Make Sure They Have a Personal Alarm for Emergencies!

College is just around the corner and many students need some sort of protection against rapist or attackers, especially if they are women. 

Purchasing a personal alarm, will provide your son or daughter, an easy way to contact campus police, if there is an emergency! We have 14 units that can help your teen from getting hurt. Personal alarms are very convenient for students. If they have an emergency, campus police will be able to hear their personal alarm and help your son or daughter with their problem.

At we have many units to pick from. Most of the units have an LED light and a belt clip. Some just require a squeeze of the unit or a push of a button, for your son or daughter to alert campus police. Plus, we even have a motion sensor alarm that when placed next to a purse or book, can detect movement and let your child know that someone is tampering with their stuff!

Check all the personal alarms for college students HERE!

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