Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Kim Jong-un, is Not Only Threatening Our Safety, But He Also is Damaging Our Oceans, as Well!

The supreme leader Kim Jong-un, may have a large dangerous army to destroy countries. But, that is not the only thing he is destroying.

This new leader Kim Jong-un of North Korea, behaves like a child. He is an immature dangerous man that can destroy many lives if we let him! But that is not the only thing that the dangerous Kim Jong-un can do...

With all the missiles he is practicing with, he might damage not just human safety around the world, but also the living animals and organisms in our oceans, which are connected to our own wellbeing.

The immature North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un is not concerned with our world's safety. He is also affecting ocean wildlife, as well. Our beautiful oceans will become garbage, if he doesn't stop polluting and killing our ocean animals, which are crucial to our own, well being... It's bad enough that there are some people that still pollute our oceans, but fortunately we are learning that we have to respect our environment, and prevent further damage to our wonderful world called Earth.

Kim Jong-un, must stop his missiles, before it's too late! Not just for our oceans, but for our own humanity as well.

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