Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Going Camping? Take the ParaTinder Bracelet w/ Flint Fire Starter, ONLY $8.99!

Take advantage this summer and go camping! There's nothing like being out in the wilderness, with all the trees, rivers, caves and mountains around you.

Besides all the exercise that comes with being outdoors and not to mention the clean vegetation air that you breath, it's no wonder that we feel stronger and better than living in polluted cities.

If you are planning to be outdoors soon, before it gets cold, consider purchasing the ParaTinder Bracelet with Flint Fire Starter. It's important for anytime you are going to be outdoors for a few hours. Whether it's around simply staying warm or cooking under the moon! Plus, making a fire deters animals, such as bears...

This 8 inch bracelet includes 10 feet of ParaTinder. ParaTinder is great for sewing thread, sutures, fishing lines and more! Plus, the flint starter is a no brainer and allows you to make a fire easily. Which in tern deters animals away.

Take the ParaTinder Bracelet w/ Flint Fire Starter anywhere, in your backpack, emergency survival gear or simply wear it on your wrist, wherever you go! Go enjoy the wilderness with it's trees, rivers caves and mountains... You deserve it!

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