Monday, March 31, 2008

A Few Tips About Pepper Spray

Something as simple as an inexpensive pepper spray container, can dramatically change the outcome of a violent crime. Men sometimes carry these as chains to hold their keys. If men find it useful, women should find it 2, 3 or 10 times more useful for themselves! Simply using a pepper spray that has a quick key release keychain can be very handy. You normally need something to hold your keys anyway, so why not use a pepper spray keychain?

Pepper spray will not kill anyone but it will stop an attacker by making his whole face burn! The irritation is so bad, that his eyes will swell up and shut therefore making him temporarily blind! The pepper spray can make his skin and mucous membranes (nose & throat) so irritated that it can have him coughing and choking. The irritation will last several minutes and give you time to get away.

It is unbelievable that such a simple product can help so much in moments as horrifying as these. But there are also 2 important limitations when using pepper spray and keep these in mind if you ever need it. First, pepper spray works best when sprayed right side up (just remember that your hairspray won't work if you hold it upside down). Second, if there is too much wind it is not recommended to use especially if the wind is blowing against you because you might get sprayed back! Probably the best kind of pepper you can get is Pepper Foam (found under Mace in our website). Pepper Foam works best because it is so thick and sticky that it saturates the attacker's face even in windy conditions. Pepper Foam, like most other pepper sprays, also comes with an identifying orange UV dye that helps police capture an attacker if he escapes because his face will be stained orange as evidence!

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