Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Taser Bracelet for Airplane Safety?

While searching through the Internet today, I came across a video by a company called; Lamperd Firearm Training Systems. This company has a product that it wants to sell to the airline industry, which I think is an insult to human beings.

The product is a bracelet that they claim can replace the tickets handed to passengers by the airlines today. This is not just a bracelet, it would contain all necessary passenger information as well as a tracking device to know exactly where passengers are in the terminal. But that is not all, it also would have the ability to attack a person's central nervous system and make them helpless when zapped. The bracelet would have a taser like effect and subdue potential "hijackers" by having the airline crew carry a radio frequency transmitter that would enable the electric shock!

It is my opinion that this product will NOT FLY! I think if people wore this bracelet, they would feel like a dog with a shock collar on. This would seem like a futuristic horror flick. There is one application that I think it would be useful for and that is; jails and/or prisons...

Click above on the title of this posting to watch the video of this product.
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