Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Guardian Angel Pepper Spray

WomenOnGuard.com is very exited to introduce their newest product; LifeAct Guardian Angel®, available for ordering now. This unit has a unique encasing to facilitate using it's impressive 90 mph spray that reaches up to 13 feet! Of course it is light, easy to hold and small enough to carry in your purse or fasten to your belt with it's integrated belt clip. The pepper, Oleoresin Capsicum (OC) solution that it contains, travels so fast, it can easily go through an attackers mask, around his glasses and through his clothing. This solution is so powerful that it will penetrate the skin pores, nasal passages and swell the eyes shut. This effect will incapacitate a person for up to 45 minutes. Do to the unit's pyrotechnic drive, the solution shoots so fast that an attacker will not know what hit him. Another benefit of using the LifeAct Guardian Angel® is that the speed and pressure of the spray actually makes it less likely to blow back toward you in windy conditions.
You should also know that the shelf life of the LifeAct Guardian Angel® is 3 years, unlike other pepper sprays that usually last only 1 year. You get a total of 2 shots from the unit and the second shot is just as powerful and fast as the first one. It doesn't matter whether you shoot the 2nd shot 1, 2 or 3 years later. You can purchase a holster for the unit as well, which is sold separately.

- Length: 4.3", Height: 0.9", Width: 2.7"
- Weight (charged): 4.2 ounces
- Operation: Double-action with automatic switchover.
- Trigger safety shield.
- Content: 2 charges with liquid irritant
- Volume per charge: 0.21 fluid ounces
- Irritant agent: 10% OC
- Charge velocity: 90 MPH
- Effective Range: Up to 13 feet
- Operating temperature: -5°F to +176°F
- Water resistant: Yes
- Carry pouch (available separately) Black
- Warranty: Three years
- Package: Guardian Angel & manual.
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