Monday, May 19, 2008

Anonymous Rape Kits for Rape Victims, Nationwide Requirement

Good news! Next year it will be a FEDERAL LAW that all hospital emergency rooms offer a free forensic rape exam. This is a big step in the conviction of criminals who sexually assault people. Women who are the majority of sexually assaulted victims, don't necessarily know for sure if they want to press charges against their assailants. Offering the option to have the test performed right after the assault occurred and the anonymous results kept for a future date is crucial. This is important since evidence can be destroyed as time passes and if she does agree to press charges, the evidence collected would still be good. Hospitals or clinics will probably hold on to evidence for at least 90 days. This leaves an open window for the victim to decide. All the tests will be identified by a number and not the victim's name, to insure her privacy.

A US Justice Department survey reported 272,360 sexual assaults in 2006. The same survey estimated that only 41% of rape cases actually are reported to the police.

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