Friday, May 9, 2008

Any Plans for The Weekend?

It's Friday and you are ready to tackle the weekend. Most people look forward to doing their own thing and enjoying the time off from work. A lot of us like to dine out, go to a movie or a concert or perhaps go dancing! Weekends are great for socializing and meeting new people. It's all fun and worry free, right? Wrong! With all the socializing activities going on during the weekend, there is also a lot of crime going on as well! Many crimes are committed on weekends because criminals have more people to choose from. They know that most people have their guard down and they take advantage of it. There is also more people under the influence of alcohol, which makes them an easy target for attackers.

It is important to remember to always keep your guard up, especially during these 2 socializing days of the week. I'm not saying to be on the lookout constantly, but to try to get into some good safety habits. Below are 5 good habits you should acquire and practice not just on the weekend but all the time.

  1. Be aware of the world around you, don't go around like a zombie, not observing your environment or the people around you. It actually is more enjoyable to take it all in, instead of having tunnel vision.
  2. Carry a self defense product with you at all times, such as pepper spray, a stun gun, personal alarm or a Taser. No matter how physically strong you are, you can always be caught off-guard or become distracted. Also, familiarize yourself with your self defense product. Know how to use it, learn what it is capable of doing to a person and if it runs on batteries, make sure it works. If your product is expired, like pepper spray can be, replace it as suggested by the manufacturer.
  3. Always be aware of situations that can become dangerous. For instance, walking through a parking lot, in a public garage, isolated stairway, alley, or just in a place where there are few or no persons around that can help you if you get into trouble. In cases like these, you should have your self defense product readily available just in case you need it. This means take the product out of your purse, pocket or holster and if it needs to be turned on, turn it on and be prepared. This also includes going into the outdoors for a hike by yourself. Just because you are surrounded by nature, does not mean that it is safe.
  4. Never leave a social gathering with a stranger or person you just met. Plan to meet with them again in a social environment, several times before taking the risk of trusting someone that could be a rapist or murderer.
  5. Just like you are in the habit of picking up your keys before you leave your house, you should make it a habit of picking up a self defense product as well. A good thing to do is to lay it by your keys, this way you have it readily available to take with you when you pick up your keys and head out the door.

These safety tips, of course, are just a few things to remember and become used to doing on a daily basis. There are many more tips for safety on our website that you can become familiar with. Just go to our Safety Tips link on our website. Have a great weekend and be SAFE!
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