Thursday, May 29, 2008

Protect Yourself And Your Possessions

As the warm weather is upon us we tend to leave our home more often. Along with us we want to carry all of our personal possessions. One of the most important personal possessions that should be carried and readily available is a self defense product such as pepper spray, a personal alarm or a stun gun. Here are some tips regarding personal possessions and your safety. These are tips that we hear all the time but must be reiterated every once in a while. After all, our wallets, purses, credit cards, personal organizers and cell phones are just a few of our everyday items we carry that would be missed if they were stolen.

Some of the items we carry can be replaced however, there are some that if stolen could cause you a lot of grief and sorrow. The best advise would be to take only the items you will need.

Only take what cash you think you will need. Take only the credit cards you are most likely to use. If you do not need a camera or a camcorder, don’t take one with you. Limit the possessions you carry with you.

If you carry a purse or wallet, keep it where you can feel it, like inside of your jacket or pants pocket. Check to see if it is still there on a regular basis. If you are carrying a bag, strap it across your chest and hold on to it, but try not to look overly cautious. Always keep the opening or the zip part towards you. Never leave your bag unattended. If you have a backpack on, be extra cautious. Keep your cell phone out of sight as well, preferably in a zipped pocket. Watch out for pickpockets. They are watching every move you make.

Always be aware of your surroundings and appear relaxed. Pickpockets like busy streets and crowded places. If someone bumps into you, it could be a pickpocket. If this happens check and make sure you still have your possessions with you, but do not act too obvious.

If something has been stolen from you go to the nearest police station or call the police. Do not call 911 unless you have actually caught someone in the act and you have managed to apprehend the person. Be very careful. Do not risk your life. It is not worth the value of what they may have stolen. Put your own safety first.

I hope this helps those of you who are busy bodies and are always on the go. There are non-lethal, self-defense products out there that can help in your defense against an assailant. Such products include Mace, pepper sprays, personal alarms, and stun devices like stun guns and Tasers. Please check your locality or jurisdiction for pepper spray and stun device restrictions.

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