Friday, May 2, 2008

Perfect Gift for Mom

Wondering what to get your mom this year for Mother's Day? Well, look no further. What better gift to give your mom than the gift of self protection. Giving your mom a self defense product is truly a unique gift, she probably has never received before! We often think of our moms as being almighty very strong women, after all they raised us. But physical or emotional strength is often not enough to fend off an attacker.

Choose Carefully
Pick a self defense product that your mom will be comfortable with. Some women are not comfortable carrying for example pepper spray. Other options to that would be a personal alarm or a stun gun. Some women would rather carry a taser than a stun gun, to keep what might be an attacker at a good distance! Some women don't feel safe at work and would love a stun pen or a pepper pen, which look like regular pens, but really are a stun gun or pepper spray in disguise! There are many products to select from, some look like the actual defense tool, while others are manufactured to resemble a ring, a cell phone, pager, lipstick container, etc.

Any self defense product would be a far better gift than to just give your mom candy or perfume! Your mom will thank you for it.
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