Monday, March 16, 2009

Don't take my Taser!

Many of us are traveling for Spring Break, business meetings or other planned events. Some of us will go to the airport instead of driving or taking a train to our destination. As a safety precaution we always carry a self defense product such as a Taser. Beware that your self defense product, be it a Taser, mace pepper spray or stun gun are considered hazardous materials in airports. Your Taser or other personal defense products will be confiscated by airport officials before boarding your plane if you plan on caring it on the plane with you. You might cry, 'Don't take my Taser!', but it won't do you any good! No need to panic though, you are allowed to include a Taser or stun gun in your suitcase only if it goes as luggage under the plane. Pepper spray is a different story, it will not be allowed at all, anywhere on the plane. Since pepper spray is usually in aerosol form, it has the potential to expand in different atmospheric pressures while traveling and burst or explode, therefore contaminating all it's surroundings and vents on the plane. Always check with your airlines regarding their rules on carrying self defense products. Rules and restrictions may change.

Traveling on international flights is a whole different story. You will not be allowed at all to carry a self defense product such as a Taser, pepper spray or a stun gun on the plane. You can't carry it on board or put it in the luggage section of the plane.

It also might be a good idea to ask about laws pertaining to self defense products if you are traveling by train or ship. Other traveling sources might have different restrictions regarding Tasers, mace pepper spray and stun guns.

Besides a Taser, mace pepper spray or stun gun, not being permitted on planes, your destination location might have state or city restrictions that don't allow citizens to carry such items. This will also be the case even if you travel to your final destination in car. If you are traveling to a different country, they also might have restrictions against carrying some self defense products. Avoid being stopped by local police in different cities. Always check the laws of your final destination before going there with your self defense product.

To get information about state and city restrictions in the U.S., you can go to our State Restrictions page.Link
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