Monday, March 9, 2009

Self defense against hospital cell phones

What do we mean, you ask? Not only do you need to be prepared with self defense products in public places, you now need to take precautions in hospitals! Latest news reports are showing that those doctors that help you in hospitals and swing by to check up on you, could possibly make you sicker than you where when you first walked in the hospital.

Recent studies show that not just doctors, but other personnel such as nurses, carry germ infected cell phones around the hospitals that carry all sorts of germs or microbes. Some of the bacteria found on these cell phones used in hospitals had the super bug, MRSA, that is multi-resistant to many antibiotics and also deadly.

So next time you are at a hospital and are going to shake hands with a doctor, BEWARE! Make sure he or she cleans their hands before they touch yours. Make sure all your nurses and helpers clean their germy hands each time they step into your room. Don't take for granted that they cleaned their hands before they walked in. Don't worry if they think you are a hypercondriac... It's better to use self defense and be healthy than to die because of pride or a dirty cell phone!
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