Thursday, March 12, 2009

Need a cool place to hide your valuables?

We all have something at home or at work that is valuable to us. Sometimes we don't want others to know that we have it or where it's at. Let's face it, occasionally friends, co-workers or even family members are nosy and will snoop in drawers or closets to see what we have, not to mention burglars!

Sometimes our stuff such as jewelry or money might not be convenient to place in a safe deposit box in a bank. Most of us don't have a secure wall safe at home or at the office either. To have units like these is usually costly and inconvenient. A much less expensive and more convenient thing to have is a HIDDEN SAFE. As a matter of fact, according to police, hidden safes or diversion safes are better than a locked safe and a thousand times cheaper. Hidden safes are items that look like things you normally have around you, like a candle, water bottle, ajax can, etc. Yet they are built in a way that you can hide valuable things in them such as cash and jewelry. The average person or burglar would never guess to look, for example in a wall clock or a plastic mug, for money or jewelry. Hidden safes or diversion safes come disguised in many shapes and sizes and are so convenient to have!

Diversion safes are also handy to have if you live in a college dorm or if you travel a lot and stay at many different places and want to hide your cash or valuables. Most hidden safes are light and small enough to carry around.
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