Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Police Warn KSU and KU Students of Serial Rapist

University of Kansas and Kansas State University students have been warned by police that the 13 rapes, which occurred in the last 8 years near both campuses, is believed to have been committed by the same man. Female students of both universities are very nervous about the alert. While many women have heard of these rapes, a few had thought it was just an urban legend.

Both universities are informing their female students about the rapist and how to take precautions. Information has been sent via email and through the university websites. Making students aware of where the emergency buttons are around the campuses, giving advice on avoiding dangerous situations and teaching self defense classes are just a few of the things being provided by university officials. There is even a student group called, Wildcats Against Rape that distribute pamphlets around campus and off campus about rape prevention. They also have their own website within the Kansas State University website.

Police have sent out an alert to inform the students and the public in general that the rapist has a habit of committing his rapes during breaks in school sessions, such as spring break. Past victims of the rapist have given details to police in regards to his actions, appearance, etc. They claimed that their rapist was a white male, mid-20s, weighing from 180 to 220 pounds and is about 5 feet 9 inches to 6 feet 2 inches tall. They also mentioned that the rapist was armed and in some cases wore dark clothing, gloves and boots. He broke into their homes while they were sleeping. There are also accounts that there was no forced entry of the rapist into the homes, which indicates that he perhaps snuck in during the day while doors were unlocked and later attacked his victims.

On a CNN article, Kansas State Women’s Center Director, Mary Todd, mentioned that she has worked with some of the victims and has learned from their accounts that there was often no sign of forced entry. This has led her to believe that the rapist entered residences during the day, when a lot of students feel safe leaving doors unlocked. By emphasizing such details, she said, the center hopes students will keep their doors locked.

Due to these terrible occurrences at both the University of Kansas and Kansas State University, I contacted the Kansas State Women’s Center, Director, Mary Todd. I asked Mary if the center would accept pepper spray donations from our website, WomenOnGuard.com. I mentioned that we, at WomenOnGuard.com donate on a regular basis to women’s crisis centers or to a similar cause around the nation. Mary was very grateful and accepted the website’s donation. I informed her that WomenOnGuard.com sells Mace spray, pepper spray, stun guns, personal alarms and Tasers, along with other non-lethal, self defense products. I also let her know that the website also contains many safety tips that can be downloaded in a PDF file.

It’s unfortunate that young university women have to not only worry about their grades while attending school but also have to withstand the dangers of being raped or killed. It’s tough enough to keep the grades up and even tougher to watch out for your own life. We hope that our pepper spray donation will help to keep these women safer.
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