Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Home protection made easy

Sometimes the simplest things are the best things for protecting yourself from home intruders. This little device is a door stop and an alarm, it's called the Door Stop Alarm. It works like those brown rubber wedges we used to place under doors to prevent them from moving, but it's a little larger. This door stop has an extra benefit though, it also lets everyone around it know that someone has attempted to walk in unannounced. It has a 120 decibel alarm that is activated if pressure is applied to it.

The Door Stop Alarm is inexpensive and convenient to take with you when traveling. Just toss this lightweight, home safety product in your suitcase. It has an adjustable sensitivity switch which prevents tampering and also an on/off switch to prevent the unit from accidentally sounding. All this home security product needs is just a 9 volt battery!

Sleep easy in your home, hotel room or campus dorm. Anyone that hears this alarm while trying to open your door, will turn around and run away!
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