Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Affordable StreetWise Pepper Spray For Just $7.95

Pepper spray for women or men's self defense has been around for centuries… No doubt that it's longevity proves it's effectiveness in deterring an attacker!

Our affordable pepper sprays are easy to use, especially for women's self defense. The one we will describe here is called the Pepper Spray Hardcase 1/2 oz 18%.  18% Refers to the amount of heat concentration. Most other units out there, only have 10%! Each one of these babies contain 6 shots of the hot substance and can reach 5-7 feet away! They also have an invisible UV Marking Dye. This dye enables police to identify an attacker who has been sprayed, by using a UV lamp! The hard case units include a convenient belt clip and a keyring, too. Plus, the expiration date is marked beneath each unit... You get all this for just $7.95, not bad at all!

Do you know of MANY women that would benefit from having a self defense unit like these? We have them in affordable bulk rates, as well!

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