Friday, September 19, 2014

Obama's Initiative To Stop Sexual Assault Offenses In College Helps, But It Isn't The Complete Solution.

President Obama is trying to involve college campuses into combating the predominant issue of rapes or sexual assaults against women on college campuses. An agenda he backed since the beginning of his administration.

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Although Obama's effort is a welcomed one by us ladies and decent men, in our view, it's not the total solution for this abusive stance our country and other nations have. You see, sexual assault is not a law issue, it's a society issue. No law by Obama will fly, unless society breaks the habit of how men perceive women in general, throughout their lives.

Women will be treated with decency and not raped, when children see their father respect and love their mother. When they see that, unlike some football players shown on TV lately, they love and help their wife throughout their marriage. When there is no domestic violence! Children exposed to couples who truly love and respect each other, usually pattern their own relationships to what their parents were like. Hate to say this, but the saying "monkey see, monkey do", comes to mind! Only when a couple of future generations, practice this mutual respect for each other, will our society really change.

So you ladies that aren't married yet, keep in mind that before you accept to marry someone, make sure they love and RESPECT you. Never become a model of domestic violence or rape for your children, whether they are male or female!

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