Thursday, September 18, 2014

Oklahoma State Trooper Rapes 3 Women

State Trooper Eric Roberts was arrested September 15th, 2014, for kidnapping, rape and other crimes, against 3 women.

State Trooper Eric Roberts
Seems like Oklahoma is having issues with their State Troopers! Another officer, Daniel Holtzclaw, previously had raped 8 women while on duty… In Eric Robert's case, there were cameras… But what good will they do, when an officer can turn off their dashboard camera and microphone from their uniform? Sure enough, that's what he did!

This brings us to the question: are cameras for just the police's benefit? Shouldn't these videos be mandatory for all officers and shouldn't they NOT have an OFF SWITCH? Seems to us that a video constantly ON, will track the person's action and or the trooper's behavior. It's ridiculous to try to make out what exactly happens in a crime, when evidence can be tampered with or not shown at all.

Just as civilians are video taped, so should police officers or State Troopers like Eric Roberts and Daniel Holtzclaw. Especially when they rape women! Let's do it right. Presently, police have the upper hand… and sometimes their hands can also commit crimes as well.

Source: Associated Press
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