Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month And We Have A Pink Ribbon Category Page.

Our pink ribbon series was started a few years ago and only includes self defense units that benefit Breast Cancer. A portion of the proceeds from these units, goes to help fight against and find a cure for this awful disease.

In the month of September, many of us women get together and focus on the cure of this dreaded disease that mostly affects women. In our website we always have a ribbon page dedicated for this cause. This month we are highlighting it, to remind the public on how important it is to eliminate Breast Cancer from our world.

If you need a self defense product, please consider the ones in the Pink Ribbon Series. All of them when purchased, donate a portion of the proceeds to eliminate Breast Cancer from our society. Most of these units are stun guns, but one has 2 products which also includes a pink pepper spray. If you prefer to just buy the spray for $8.95, you can do so by going directly to our Pink Pepper Spray page.

Self defense is important for us women. Let's unite and find a cure for this dreaded disease as well!

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