Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Women Need A Zebra For Personal Protection

No, we're not kidding! But it's not what you are probably thinking… These are fashionable Zebra pepper spray for women's self defense!

These cuties have soft, raised velvety stripes and are available in 3 different designs. They have a diamond looking button, unlike regular pouch units that have metal ones and they include a key ring AND clip!

Need more details regarding these fashionable self defense units for women? These self defense beauties contain 6 hot bursts of pepper spray and can reach 5-7 feet away. The Police Pepper Spray Zebra units also have a wider flip top, that allows you to spray the unit, without unbuttoning the top! They are made by StreetWise which makes them hotter than other units. You see, these fashionable Zebras contain 23% hot pepper, versus most other models that only include 10%. They are over twice as hot on a criminal's face, making them have to shut their eyes and cry! Plus, of course as most units for women, they also have an Invisible UV Dye. This facilitates the attacker's identification if captured by police!

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