Monday, December 28, 2015

Don't Use A Nasty Broomstick, To Protect Your Exterior Sliding Doors!

If you're still using a broomstick for your sliding doors, it's time you upgrade to a more attractive brace for security, called the Big Jammer Door Brace.
At we have an incredible strong 20 gauge steel adjustable security brace for your sliding doors and even your regular entrance ones! This Big Jammer Door Brace, is adjustable from 45.5" to 31" and has two ends, perfect for home protection! One "U" shaped end to fit around a regular door knob and one rubberized end to grip the floor. PLUS, it can also be laid down and used across the bottom of your exterior sliding glass doors, as well.

The unit consist's of a baked, hard enamel finish, so it will look like new for many years. This Big Jammer Door Brace is not only good for home protection, but it can also be used for businesses, college dorms, hotel rooms and more!

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