Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Holiday Gift: Pepper Spray Pen 18% Wildfire

It looks like a pen, but it has hot 18% pepper spray in it that will disable an attacker, while you escape!

Makes a perfect gift for college students or anybody else for that matter, since it’s disguised. This unit comes with a cap and clip, just like other regular pens include.

Disguised self defense products, bring an element of surprise to a would be attacker. The Pepper Spray Pen 18% Wildfire includes 5 one second bursts and can reach 6 feet away! Plus, most units of this kind in the market, only have 10% of the hot burning substance... Remember to always aim toward the eyes!

The Pepper Spray Pen 18% Wildfire also includes a UV Marking Dye, that facilitates police in capturing the guilty individual. Plus of course, includes a pocket clip for easy carrying or simply put in a purse. Perfect as a self defense Holiday Gift for today’s college students that need more protection than ever!
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