Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Holiday Gift: Mace Pepper Spray Gun Distance Defense Spray For Civilian's Self Defense!

You've seen cops use these against crowds... Purchase the Mace Pepper Gun Distance Defense Spray w/LED for civilians and use it for your protection.

Self defense has never been easier for civilians in the USA, because this Mace Pepper Gun is non lethal and makes a great Holiday Gift! It reaches 20 feet away, and each cartridge has approximately 7 blasts or you can use up the whole canister all at once! The unit also includes an LED light that you can shine into an individual's eyes and blind them temporarily. Unlike regular pepper spray, it can be used sideways and upside down, too! Simply pick the color of your gun; silver, pink, camo or black. The black unit includes a STROBE LIGHT, which the other 3 units don't have! Perfect for a Holiday Gift!

This self defense Mace Pepper Gun comes with the pepper gun, 1 water replaceable cartridge, 1 pepper spray replaceable cartridge and the battery, which is for the LED light. Plus, of course, the unit also includes a safety switch!

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