Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Mace With Tear Gas, Makes The Best Holiday Gift For The Women In Your Life!

Protect your female loved ones with a gift that every woman should carry with her. Whether she goes to college, work or simply makes errands.
We all know that women in our society are the most vulnerable, besides children...  Women confront danger in the streets, colleges, parks and even when they go shopping! Needless to say, if you have women in your life, the best Holiday Gift you can get them is a self defense product, such as the Mace Triple Action Defense Spray Personal Model with TEAR GAS!

This simple to use self defense weapon, looks small, but it's packed with aggravating pepper spray and TEAR GAS, as well! All a woman needs to do is lift the safety cap and aim at the eyes or face of an attacker. The pepper spray unit also includes a UV Marking Dye, that allows police to identify an attacker, if captured. It delivers 10, one second bursts and can reach an attacker 8 to 12 feet away!

Give the women in your life a Holiday Gift that they REALLY NEED; The Mace Triple Action Defense Spray Personal Model!
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