Friday, December 4, 2015

Holiday Gift: Taser C2, The Best Weapon For Civilians, With FREE SHIPPING!

The Taser C2 came out on July 27, 2009 and citizens have proven that it's the best non lethal unit for self defense, hands down!

The phrase, "Don't Tase Me Bro" was repeatedly mentioned in the media when the unit came out... But after all the hupla, the unit survived and citizens realized that it was better than being hit by a dangerous police baton or killed by a firearm. Most importantly, they also realized that the Citizen Taser or Taser C2, offered the best non lethal protection for civilians. Plus, it made a wonderful Holiday Gift!

Incredible Taser C2 Features
Non lethal weapon
• Reaches 15 feet away
• Unit aims for you with a laser
• LED flashlight blinds attacker's eyes, illuminates area
• Includes backup stun gun capacity
• Automatic 30 secs. stunning if placed on the ground
• Includes two 15' live cartridges and one training cartridge
• No permits required in most States
• Does not kick you back, when deployed
• No gun powder cleaning required
• Taser is replaced for free if stolen, w/ police record
• Available in 6 colors

The self defense of a Taser C2, is the best Holiday Gift a person can have... FREE shipping is included!

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