Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Holiday Gift: The TASER Pulse, Ultimate Non Lethal Weapon for Women or Men

The TASER Pulse can reach up to 15 feet away and keeps tasing for 30 seconds, while you escape from harms way. Perfect for a Holiday Gift.

Plus, if your unit is stolen from you, TASER will replace it for free if you show a police record of the incident! But that's not all this self defense unit called the TASER Pulse does... See some of the features this incredible non-lethal unit has to offer below!

TASER Pulse Features
• It's small: 5.25" length x 4.75" height x 1.25" width
• Reaches 15 feet away and offers back-up stun gun capability
• Two electrical prong delivery: one on top and the other below
• Laser targeting, top prong hits right on the red dot
• LED flashlight is included, perfect for night vision
• Cartridges are replaceable
• Includes an illuminated battery status indicator light
• Includes an ambidextrous safety switch
• Battery lasts for 50, 30-second firings

This non-lethal self defense small unit, is perfect for men or women, includes laser targeting and makes a great Holiday Gift.
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